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Empower’s Impact in Athens

Per our quarterly reporting, Empower is adding a lot of value to the Athens County area every day.

Empower Gas & Electric leverages the buying power of community aggregation to bring to communities and their citizens an expanding set of energy saving household solutions at a dramatic reduction off of the retail price. We have a localized labor force in place committed to carrying out the packages and programs designed for your community.

Our packages include:

residential_product_athensmuni_product_athens rental_product_athens

Our partnership with the County is helping keep local dollars local, and employing local people:

Currently we generate $25,000 for the county’s economy (Monthly):

$11,000.00 on salaries of full-time

$4,095 on part-time door to door staff

$8,000 on assessors and contractors (Approx.- based on month’s demand)

$1500 per month in Athens on rent, community support, etc.


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