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Available Rebates

Rebates lower your cost even more! And we make sure you get them.

Your investment with us is even more valuable when Empower Athens works with you to get the rebates you deserve from the utilities and your community.

Utilities providing electricity and gas to your home offer a number of rebates for making your home more energy efficient. Empower Athens works as your representative to get you all the available utility rebates. Our $2,500 home retrofit product can be as little as $1,000 with these rebates.

moneybag1Rebates From AEP Ohio

      • Wall Insulation for Electric Heat: $250
      • Attic or Ceiling Insulation for Electric Heat: $250
      • Floor Insulation over unconditioned space for Electric Heat: $150
      • Air Sealing for Electric Heat: $250
      • ENERGY STAR Window Replacements: $25 each
      • Duct Sealing: $150


      • Wall Insulation: $75
      • Air Sealing: $50
      • Attic Insulation: $90
      • Duct Sealing: $50

Rebates from Columbia Gas
1. Save $25 on a variety of qualified programmable thermostats and lower your energy bills by up to $180 annually.
2. Insulation Rebate @ $.25 per sq. ft
3. Save $10 on select high-performance, energy-efficient showerheads to help reduce your energy and water bills.