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Saw the Sign

“I saw the sign, and I want to sign up!”


Thanks for scanning the QR code on your neighbor’s Upgrade Athens County yard sign.

Your neighbor is taking advantage of UpGrade Athens County’s Empower Athens program, a low cost/high impact/high savings energy efficiency retrofit for the home. With just a few simple upgrades to your home, your home will be more energy efficient.

Here’s what the package includes:

  • Home insulation (attic, crawl spaces, walls)
  • LED light bulbs in high use areas
  • Air sealing of attic and home foundation
  • ecoBee Smart Thermostat to better manage your energy use

These low cost/high impact upgrades to your home will save you as much as 30% on your energy bills starting Day 1!

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Empower Athens is a delivered through Upgrade Athens County and is a benefit of Athens County approving aggregation. Empower Gas & Electric, the company behind Empower Athens, is the official partner of Southeast Ohio Public Energy Council, the governing group for Athens County’s aggregation.